Ben Billie

BB Financial Solutions is a financial service firm, specializing in solutions for individuals, families, and businesses. We work with major companies so that we can offer our clients appropriate programs and services specific to their needs. The companies we work with pay us for the business that we bring to them, even a few companies will do work on a contingency basis.

We help in the areas of life insurance, disability insurance, business tax credits, and retirement savings.

Our clients are across Connecticut and in many other states. Our goal is your satisfaction. Our purpose is providing you with the solutions that will bring you satisfaction and peace of mind.

Our Mission

It is to provide our clients with assistance and understanding and making the right decisions when it comes to their life or disability insurance, retirement planning, or business tax credits.

We have the skills, knowledge, resources, an experience to help meet our clients establish goals.

Our personal goal is to become a lifetime resource for our clients and give them confidence in choosing their plan.

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