You would think that competition among life insurance companies would keep the premiums competitive but that may not be so. There are hundreds of life insurance companies and they can all be different when it comes to charging for a premium. Such factors as age, weight, medications, past and present sickness, underwriting and more determines what the insurance company would charge you for premium.

The insurance industry includes hundreds of different companies shopping to earn your business it is a very competitive market and it pays to shop around, this is where we come in to help find the most suitable coverage for you. Most people don't have the time to shop for life insurance so we can do that for you saving you time and guesswork as we shop for you with no obligation. If we find a company for you the company will pay us.

Getting a quote is fine but getting the actual price gives you the exact cost for the specific coverage, so you can determine if the premiums are affordable for the plan you select. As an experienced independent agency representing many insurance companies we can give you a couple of choices so you can decide which plan would be best for you. Regardless if you're looking for final expense insurance, funeral insurance, burial insurance, cremation insurance, insurance to protect your mortgage, insurance to leave a legacy, insurance to use as collateral for a business loan we can find the best one for you.